Performed by Emily Junco

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive manual skin exfoliation that involves lightly "feathering" the outermost layers of the skin with a surgical blade. During dermaplaning, the skin is resurfaced, removing buildup of dead skin cells and leaving smoother, glowing skin!

This service also removes peach fuzz on the face to improve the appearance of the skin, removes superficial hyperpigmentation, and individuals with mild lines and wrinkles often find their visible signs of aging reduced after a dermaplaning treatment.

The dermaplaning procedure itself typically takes somewhere between 20-30 minutes. There is absolutely no downtime associated with the procedure, as well as no adverse side effects. Dermaplaning can be done as frequently as every two weeks.

We offer three treatments: 

  1. Stand-alone Dermaplaning: $99
  2. Dermaplaning with Chemical Peel: $150
  3. Dermaplaning with Chemical Peel & LED Therapy: $185 

We highly recommend adding extra modalities to your Dermplaning experience to enhance your treatment, leaving you with NEW and refined skin!